Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First blog EVER

Hi Everyone,
Well, i am not a writer, and i never thought i would ever have a blog, but i realized i have so much to share in terms of beautiful and pretty things...and it would be such a waste for me not to show the world what i like.

I guess I can start off by showing you some of the photos that have inspired me in the past year or two..basically ones that ive been collecting for a while from fabulous chic blogs.

Ive been obsessed with Vogue covers, so here are some of my favourites, they will speak for themselves. The first pic is a book ihave on my coffee table. Love it.

Some of my favorite eclectic interior day my place will look like this..

Just some random beauty...

Guess thats it for tonight. Hope you got an idea of what i can share..and i hope you liked it.

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